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Post by Jamie Black on Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:00 am

Hesper Jamie Black
Jamie is 17 years old and has short black hair with light grey eyes; he is 6ft 4in and lean. He has no qualms with getting into a fight or starting one, he's obsessed with fish and loves his coffee. Jamie likes to wear casual clothing when not in his uniform. He enjoys muggle sports, especially Martial Arts but is deathly afraid of water.

He prefers to be called by his middle name Jamie though his close friends call him Pumpkin and is very friendly once you get to know him. He is reserved and albeit hostile towards strangers but is unquestioningly loyal towards his friends. At times he can be a bit cold and apathetic, he absolutely adores animals and will not hesitate to hurt or seriously maim another human if he thinks they are mistreating an animal.

He is the mistake of Regulus Black and an unknown witch, he never knew his birth mother who died upon childbirth and his father never talked about her. The family tolerated him since he carries the Black name. Once he showed signs of magic, his father and grandparents began to groom him to be a Death Eater. He went along with it because it was the only recognition he got from her family and wanted desperately to please them.
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