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Post by Arthur Rembrandt on Sun Apr 06, 2014 2:29 am

Age: 25

Appearance: Arthur had a short growth of dirty blonde hair, he was above average height but not by much and he excelled and merging into a crowd, becoming invisible despite his need to dress in high class attire, Waistcoats, shirts and suits were common along with ties of all variations, colour and style. He seemed to fit no matter what world he walked, magical or none.

Background: Having graduated with somewhat Lackluster grades, below the average and certainly below expectations it fell to his common sense, a place in which he found himself in no short supply. He worked his way up through the 'business' if it could be called that, dealing in all things that should never be dealt in, be that stolen goods, restricted goods or ever creatures beyond the norm. If there was money to be had from the control and distribution of anything, he would try to have a hand in that. 'One can never have too many fingers in too many pies.'

Arthur Rembrandt

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