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Lily Wednesday Black.

Age & Year: 16, a sixth year.

Appearance: Tall and slender at 5’11”, she has a cloud of long, sooty hair that is somewhere between black and a rich, dark brown in hue and brushes her waist when loose. Her eyes are a dark blue. She has a habit of wearing clothes that are only black or grey (she sews them herself, but is too proud to admit it), with the exception of her shoes, which are always very quirky and colourful. Her wand is almost perpetually tucked behind her ear, and her knuckles are spattered with ink, more often than not, due to the fact that she is a devoted writer. If you look even more closely at her hands, you might notice an odd, curved scar in the center of her palm, which she pulls down her sleeve to hide.

Personality: A generally quiet person and a deep thinker, she is often rather brooding, and can come across as sullen and bitter if in unknown company. Her manner of speaking is rather blunt and often insulting, but she does, in fact, have a sense of humor, albeit a somewhat sardonic, mocking one. She is rather picky about whom she spends her precious time with, and would rather spend it in solitude than with someone she dislikes. But to her friends, she is pleasant and, for lack of a better word, affectionate (for the most part). She can rarely be found without a book in her hand, and loves such things as the color indigo, obscure music, any sort of tea, studying philosophy, and travelling all over the world.

Backstory: She is the product of one of James and Sirius’s drunken escapades in Muggle bars. Sirius had no idea of the consequences. Her mother, who was a single parent (although she did have a constant onslaught of questionable boyfriends), raised her. She was often neglected as a result of the method of her conception, and was constantly told by her resentful mother that she could keep her father’s name, because she hadn’t wanted either the child or the father in her life, and therefore didn’t want to claim ownership. Lily grew to be very introverted and independent as a result, frequently leaving the house to go fend for herself without her mother’s knowledge, as she was required to do. When she started exhibiting signs of magic, she knew she had to ask someone if it was normal, not having interacted enough with other children to know the truth. She was instantly mocked, and now keeps many secrets because of the overwhelming fear of letting people close enough to hurt her, second only to the fear of not being clever enough. Given her lifestyle, any deficiency in the capacity to think generally means a handicap is put on her survival. She was very relieved when her Hogwarts letter came, although not necessarily very surprised. She had been doing some research on magic, and, well. She immediately packed a suitcase with all her worldly belongings and left home in the dead of the night, not even leaving a note. Her independent nature came in handy, and she figured out how to purchase all her school items without any aid, staying in a room over the Leaky Cauldron until it was time to board the train. She never even attempted to search for her birth father, and by the time she knew who he was, he was dead. She still doesn’t know how her mother has responded to her disappearance. She hasn’t gone home since. She has few friends at Hogwarts due to her general distrust of people, and generally abides by the rules (minus the one about dress code, which she deliberately violates), despite her blatant hatred for authority figures. If she ever does act out of line, it is never rashly, and she does not get caught. She is far too clever for that, and heaven forbid you suggest otherwise.
Lily Wednesday Black
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