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Post by Nate on Wed Apr 29, 2015 1:56 pm

Name: Nathaniel Parker Baddock (Nate)
Gender: Male
House: Former Slytherin
Blood Satus: Pureblood.

**Graduated - Now works for the Ministry of Magic - Department of Magical Cooperation

Appearance: Tall, average build, dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Takes pride in his appearance so always dresses to impress.

Personality: Nate is a people person. He can strike up conversation with nearly anyone around him. He chalks this up to his pureblood upbringing. Rarely serious, he tends to take his laid back and joking manner too far at times. He figures he has the rest of his life to be serious so he might as well enjoy his time at school to the best of his ability. Unlike his sister, Sky, he embraces the roots he comes from even if his parents weren't in the picture. He likes the money, power, and everything that comes with being a pureblood. Though not as vocal as others about blood status, he still maintains a strong opinion on the matter... purebloods are the best, end of story.

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