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Post by Raven Willow Dragomir on Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:27 pm

Year: 5th year
Appearance: about 5' 0 foot, thin, with red/gold hair past her waist, dark forest green eyes that look brown in certain light.

Personality: She has many different personalities, usually depending on how well she knows the people she is around, or how good the people/person is at reading the emotions hidden deep within.
To those she loves, she is gentle but strong, protective and caring, fierce in their defense. To those she does not know, she seems a quiet girl who keeps herself to herself, but on closer inspection, she is quite watchful and gives of and heir of recklessness, and knowing more than one might think. To her enemies she has a explosive temper, sharp words, and is quick with a wand. To the people who only see the outer shell, she's caring, smart, friendly and a "good girl" . To people who can see through the fake act, she's reckless, fierce, smart alec, and looks casual with a smirk on her face.

Back story: Raven was born to a beautiful young witch, and her muggle husband. Her mother died soon after giving birth to the daughter she had waited her life to have, leaving the baby with her devastated partner. The man believed that this cursed child was the dark witch that had ruined his life, killed his love and caused him bad luck. His hate for his daughter grew, and he wanted her to suffer for her crimes. As Raven got older, she suffered from his hate, going to bed in her tiny attic room every night covered in bruises and cuts, where she cried herself to sleep. Her world was dark, and there seemed to be no lightness to it. She was to weak from the constant beatings to attend school or play sports or do activities, so she had no friends. But while she grew weaker, her resolve grew stronger. On the night of her 10th birthday, the attic room was bare, the open window blowing a gentle breeze through the run down house. By the time her father got home from work, Raven was long gone. Over then next year, she traveled the countryside, earning her food from friendly farmers who needed an extra hand in the fields. Her strength grew, not just physically, but in mind as well. She knew that when she turned 11, she would receive a letter from Hogwarts, the magical school her mother had attended, and it was perhaps this thought that kept her going, keeping her alive with that small light in the dark. By the time Raven reached Hogwarts, she was still small, but all muscle. She was cautious with her words, and kept her past in the dark. She attempted to make friends, but her trust was hard to earn, and she has never told anyone of her past. She seems just a normal healthy girl, but if you look closely you can see the thin scars on her cheeks, arms, legs, and shoulders, the careful way she carries herself due to broken ribs in the past, and a pain and darkness that will never fade completely, deep within her eyes. Despite herself she has found her recklessness showing more often, the arrogance and flame that she tries so hard to hide burn brighter than ever. She has learned the castle like the back of her hand, and is friendly with the ghosts, house elves, and causes chaos whenever and wherever she can. For the first few years at Hogwarts she would return to the streets during the summer, until eventually Dumbledore started to put her up in the Hog's Head.
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