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Post by Vincent Lestrange on Fri May 01, 2015 1:13 pm

(Have slight differences to previous Vine versions...or at least I am trying)

Name: Vincent Rabastan Lestrange
House: Slytherin - 6th year
Blood Satus: Pureblood.

Appearance: Got the good genes from his mother who is a Yaxley and let's assume that Yaxleys are not so closely related to Lestranges, making Vine
safe from looking like inbred Joffrey. Doesn't dress up because of vanity but out of habit. This is the way he was brought up, he doesn't know that he can wear a hoodie or unironed socks. He is aware that he has good looks (based on what people are saying) but doesn't have much opinion about it. It is a useful tool to impress people.
Common face expressions: Half smile, brooding, laughing his ass off (eg. When someone fails to brew cure for boils)
His hair tied in classes but lets it down any other time. (Had to mention this you know)

Personality/goals: Imagine living with a very ambitious, caring mother and a young sister but having a father in Azkaban who tortured people to insanity. Interesting combination. Learning to be responsible from a very young age matured earlier Vine than his peers. He is mostly serious, hates it when people act childish and always thinking at least one step ahead. Very protective of his family. On the outside, he seems like one of the typical purebloods with high ambitions (such as being the Dark Lord's loyal follower) but his mind is divided about it. He secretly hates his father for acting 'stupid' as Vine thinks Lucius was smarter about his escape plan. Also knowing Bellatrix and other pureblood fanatics, he can see that they have mental problems and he doesn't want to turn into a blind follower. His goal is to have an important position in the Ministry and make sure that his family is always safe.

He is also a nasty, sarcastic bitch with a stick up his pale quaffle.
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