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Post by Cecilia Nott on Sat May 02, 2015 7:33 pm

Full Character Name: Cecilia Avery Nott (nicknamed Cel)
Age: 15
Year: 5th Year
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Pureblood (Blood traitor)

Appearance: Wild auburn hair, grey-green eyes, lean, and standing at around 5'8" - it is because of her height that Cecilia often gets mistaken as being a sixth or seventh year student. That, and the fact that she somehow finds herself always around the students of the higher grade.

Personality: Stubborn, but mischievous and playful in a good mood. In a bad mood, she is ready to fight absolutely anyone who feels like pushing her patience. Cecilia Nott downright refuses to be anyone but herself, especially after the many years her family tried to make her conform to their way of life - which was decidedly one of pureblood supremacy. She holds grudges.

Background: Growing up in a strictly pureblood environment, Cel didn't see much of the muggle world until she got to Hogwarts (and even then there was very little of it). Her curiosity was piqued, and the further she explored into the way of muggle life, the further she got from her family - though the fact that she'd been sorted into Gryffindor in her first year had already caused a rift between her and one of her cousins, Jacques. This gap only grew larger as Cecilia actively rebelled against the traditions of the Nott family, becoming more and more unhappy with her life outside of Hogwarts.

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