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Post by Akemi Hero on Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:28 pm

Full Character Name: Akemi Charlotte Hero

Age and Year: 16 and 6th year

Appearance: Akemi has straight, waist length pink hair. It's always either braided, loose, or in a bun/ponytail. At 5', she is the third shortest person in her year. Her icy blue-grey eyes are always alert and smiling, and they always wear neutral/shimmering eyeshadow, cat eyed eyeliner, and coats of volumizing mascara. The bridge of her short, rounded nose is flat, due to her father's asian descent. Her lips are small and pink, always curved up into a smile. Subtle dimples dot her naturally blushed cheeks on her slightly tanned skin. Scratches and bruises can be found nearly anywhere on her due to her love of climbing, jumping, flipping, and simply being active and athletic. Permanent hair tie imprints surround her wrist when hair ties are absent.

Personality: Akemi Charlotte Hero goes by any of her three names, preferring that you not just call her by one. Her bubbly, social, somewhat rebellious personality has gained her many close friends, as well as secret admirers and people that look up to her, though she never notices. She speaks with confidence and is very street smart, being brought up in a sketchy area of the city. Her love for climbing and street parkour originated from climbing on dumpsters and walls in alleyways. Raised with parents who owned and worked at their own candy shop, she has an extreme sweet tooth, and is always hungry, eating, or both. Her flirtatious side can sometimes get her in a twist with the guys, and she's never truly settled on one boy alone, preferring the freedom of being single.

Background: Akemi was born in a muggle family, who has absolutely no trace of magic in their blood. Her father is of asian descent, and her mother a mix of European descent. An only child, Akemi spend most of her time in the streets, making use of everything she learned, and creating many friends. She worked in the candy shop her parents started and was often caught trying to sneak candy from anywhere. Her favorite place to be was on top of buildings. It was on a roof that she discovered her magic, when she stopped a stray cat from falling over the edge. She developed a deep bond with the grey/black kitten, whom she named Magia, and later on brought it to Hogwarts to deliver her messages. On the day she received her letter, her parents were thrilled. They soon found out that their neighbors daughter, another muggleborn and a year ahead of Akemi, was a witch, and she helped her through her first year at Hogwarts.

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