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Post by Blood on Wed May 06, 2015 5:25 am

[Age and year are those of the character in the year of PoA]

Age: 15
Year: 5th
Blood status: Presumed Pureblood

Appearance: Brown hair, messy. Brown eyes, dark. Height, average. She has a slightly crooked mouth, high cheekbones and dark brows. Usually looks slightly amused at everything or slightly annoyed at everything.

Personality: Easy to laugh and easy to bite figuratively speaking. If someone annoys her she will tell them, to their face, in the least nice way possible. But she has a streak of adventure in her and will always go along with the stupidest plans. Doesn't like taking sides before knowing the outcome.

Background: Her family was what one might call "Middle class Pureblood". Due to hereditary cowardice, the family had never taken sides in any of the major political ventures of the times and therefore had never risen or fallen in their standing in the community. Blood had grown up a single child always listening to her father go on about how great their family used to be in the old days and whine about how people should respect him more. Resenting her father for being such a wimp and her mother for going along with it she hated talking about family and never became so close to someone were they might wonder why they'd never seen her parents or visited her home.
Her Grandmother was the only one she liked. Married into the family she was not as wimpy as the rest and was the only strict influence Blood had. Making her wear dresses and attend events with her.

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