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Post by Riley Riker on Sat May 16, 2015 11:23 pm

Name: Riley Riker
Gender: Male
House: Ravenclaw - 7th year
Blood Status: Half-Blood but thinks hes Pureblood.

Appearance: Around 5'11". Messy dark hair. Long distant runners build, so slim, light muscle. Wears black plastic framed glasses. He wears his uniform neatly until he leaves his last class of the day. But after class and days off, you will find him in muggle clothing.

Personality: He is smart but doesn't brag about it. Riker can be overly nice and hates to say no or let others down. There are some moments when he is a sarcastic quaffle, but its mostly out of fun. He is easy going, laid back, and loves the winter.

Backstory: (basically keeping his same story) Riley comes from a small town in the mountains of Colorado. He loves being outdoors and muggle outdoors sports, like snowboarding. His mother raised him alone and as far as he knows, he is Pureblooded. A lie told from his grandparents to keep the "shamed" secret of his mothers to have been with a muggle. He comes from old money, therefor have been sent over seas for the best magical education.
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