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Post by Zoe Lindström on Mon May 18, 2015 8:07 am

Name: Zoe
Gender: Female
House: Gryffindor - 6th year
Blood: Halfblood

Appearance:  Average height and of a slim build. Olive skin and hazel eyes. Doesn't care about her appearance, doesn't wear makeup and her hair is a bit flyaway.

Personality, Interests: Positives: Zoe would risk anything to save people she cares about, even if that means breaking the rules every once in a while. If her friends get into trouble, she'll be there, blasting things out of the way with her wand, bent on making sure you're safe. When she's not in her school robes, she normally wears a hoodie over a t-shirt, tattered jeans, and sneakers. She stows her wand away in the belt loops of her jeans, like a sword. She normally can be seen with her friends on the Quidditch field practicing or exploring the school.

Negatives: Zoe has a short temper, so many people stay away from her in order to avoid causing her to rip them limb from limb. She hates all purebloods with passion.

Backstory, Goals: Peter was born into a middle class family in wizarding Sweden. He attended Durmstrang when he came to that age, graduating about the middle of his class. A few years after, he took a job as an Auror for the ministry. While on an international case in England, he happened to meet a young muggle woman named Emma. The two hit it off immediately and soon Peter was requesting a transfer to the English ministry so he could be with her. Two years later they were happily married with a baby girl, Zoe. Peter was killed during the first wizarding family by Clint Baddock. Since then, Emma has raised her child on her own as best she could with the help of her older sister, Katie.  

Zoe's dream is to become an international Quidditch star.
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