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Post by GrimTrickster on Sat May 23, 2015 3:41 am

Name: Astrid Lorenza

Gender: Female, her personality is more like a males however since she grew up with 3 older brothers; Maxwell, Ginger, and Hank.

Sexual Orientation: Straight, but she honestly doesn’t care, as long as she loves them.

Age: 17

Class/Status: Grew up with a wealthy mother and a poor father. Due to that she has a mixed opinion on things.

House: Hufflepuff

Physical Description: Astrid has silky shaggy blonde hair, contrasting well with her forest green eyes. Her skin is pale with freckles spotted in random spots on her arms, legs, stomach, and face. They are light brown and blend into her skin almost, sometimes difficult to see in bright sun. She often wears her stud silver earrings on both ears and some silver hoops on the top of them. Her total piercings on her right ear are 3 why the ones on her left have only two. (Her studs, small studs beside them, and a hoop on the top of her right ear).Her clothing tends to stick with current fashion trends but when she's sleepy she just wears bright decorated pants with a hoodie. She is always seen with different colors of converse; old and worn out.
She stands at a good 5’10 ½”, standing over most of her friends. She grew up taller than everyone else and tends to freak out in a happy way when she finds someone either taller than her or the same height. She has an athletic build, spending her free time swimming helps support that look. Small muscles are seen on her arms and calves, her stomach flat and smooth though. Her facial structure is a diamond shape, her lips taking the hollywood shape. Her nose is commonly known as the german nose. Above those she has close set eyes with thick eyebrows above those. She takes on an American vampire look due to her pale skin.

Quirks: Astrid carries around a silver bracelet and two rings that were given to her by her mother right before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. It is the memory given to her that tells her that her mother did love her and she still exists. That mother resides in the watch that no longer ticks. The time shows the date her mother was diagnosed and put into the hospital… She has a bad habit of biting her lip, her leg sometime shaking when she sits down, she never notices when she does either of them until her brothers or friends make fun of her for it. Her hobbies are reading, swimming, writing stories, and carving things from wood.

Personality Strengths/Weaknesses: Astrid's personality is often seen as the typical outgoing high school student. She always shows up to any social get together. Behind closed doors however; she is quiet, reserved, and patient. Always the last one to raise her hand in class though, she doesn’t like attracting unwanted attention to her in the classroom. Adults know her as the girl who grew up too fast. She is always trying too hard to fit in when honestly all she needs to do is step back, calm down, and chat with someone. She is easy to get along with, its hard for others to hate her, even if she has made some stupid decisions. She respects muggles due to her childhood with growing up with her father. Her mother lost her memory before she was able to find out from her that she was a wizard.
She lives by her basic moral rule “sometimes you have to look at things from both perspectives, not just your own.” this was shown in her first year at hogwarts. Emily, an older student, was picking on her. In only an hour Astrid was found talking with her and comforting Emily as she cried her eyes out and apologized for her actions.
One of Astrid’s weaknesses would definitely be her being too selfless. it can get her into situations that are difficult for her to handle. Her strength would definitely be communication though. Other than that, she is a very carefree person on the outside, but on the inside there are more than one thousand thoughts attacking quickly in her mind.

Skills: Astrid is very skilled with hand to hand combat, her older brother Ginger, a muggle, teaching all he knew from karate that would be helpful to her in the future. Her body structure allows for fast running and swimming, giving her an advantage in her sport teams. She has a thing for setting traps, either with magic for a prank or with the tools around her.

Education/Voice: Her voice is soft and energetic. When she is sad or upset it gets lower.

Likes/Dislikes: Astrid’s favorite thing to do is sit down on a bench and watch people pass by, coming up with random stories on what they are doing, who they are in love with, stuff like that. Other things she enjoys would be just driving, going to celebrations and carnivals, playing with animals, and playing tricks on her step-brothers with the magic they still don’t know exists. . She dislikes clowns, men, jump scares, curses, and things she can’t understand.

Childhood/Backstory: Astrid grew up with her three older brothers; Maxwell, Ginger, and Hawke. They were very protective of her and was always there when she needed them. Of course when she didn’t need them they would still be there annoying her with stupid childish things, making her take over the older sister roll through maturity and responsibility of making sure they didn’t run off and do something stupid. It's been like that ever since she was 12. Hawke and Ginger are both half brothers to her, after her father left her mother he remarried a beautiful younger woman. She was kind and sweet, at the time she had also recently been divorced. The only brother she is related by blood to would be Maxwell, once they watched their parents fall apart when Astrid was 9, they’ve had to work their way through the chaos and come out on the other side only to meet their two new dorky brothers on Astrid’s 10th birthday. The day she found out her father was being remarried…
Birthdays always seemed to bring bad luck after that, on her 11th her pet bird perry passed away. Her 12th; friend fell into a was only on her 14th birthday when the worst happened and ended her bad luck chain. After taking seven years away from his sister to travel the world, her uncle Kevin returned only to find out that his sister (Grace) managed to fall in love with a muggle. Disappointed in his sister, he took the time to make sure that Astrid would learn what it means to be a muggleborn by attending her birthday. Only for a gift he put a curse on her and her brother. He said that when Astrid reached 18, both her and her brother’s lives would end. What a kind gift from her uncle...

Maxwell- Her eldest brother, being 5 years older than her and blood related, he is the mature one out of the three boys. Staying beside her and making sure that nothing happens to her without consequence. Astrid makes sure he never works too hard, being the one beside him after work to put the blanket on his shoulders and pull him to the TV. He was the one that told her about their ability to cast magic. At first she made fun of him for making things up but it was soon ended when an owl of his landed on his shoulder.
Ginger(muggle)- Her youngest brother, only 1 year apart, he is childish and loves to make her smile. He said his favorite thing to do is tickle her until she starts snorting because after that there is no stopping the embarrassing sound. His hair is dyed pink only because Astrid did it when she was 15 and she wouldn’t stop commenting how cute it was on him.
Hawke(muggle)- Middle brother, 3 years apart. He is quiet but Astrid and him like to read books together and go on walks with their dogs Chaos ( a chihuahua ) and Cupcakes ( a pitbull ). He was the first one to stab Kevin in the arm after finding out what he did, he had to be pried away so they can have something to use against him in court.
Genette(muggle)- Genette is Astrid’s step mother, she is kind and beautiful and often helps Astrid whenever she's sad or needs help with makeup and her hair. She was able to get along with her stepmother better because the only reason her parents parted ways due to not loving each other and coming to an agreement.
Kevin(pureblood)- Terrified of her uncle, she recently found out he has been taken out of prison.
Grace(pureblood)- Her blood mother, she's more like a best friend then a blood mother. That was until she had gotten diagnosed with alzheimer's, since then Astrid made sure to visit her mother whenever she has time. She tells her the same stories over and over again, sometimes new ones. She just wants to make sure her mother enjoys her current life.
Steve(muggle)- Her father, they have a pretty mellow relationship, she gets along well with him and the only thing they argue about is how his podcasts about sport are boring and how he should change it to music. Other than that, they spend time together when she gets back from school by playing golf or playing video games together.

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