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Post by Tamrissa (Tamma) Lambert on Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:45 pm

Full Character Name: Tamrissa Lambert

Age and Year: 16, year 6

Appearance and Personality: A small sigh escaped Tamrissa as she ran a critical eye over her reflection wishing her hair was growing back straighter. She turned to see how long it was now and sighed again; the dark wavy mass had not grown beyond her neck since she looked last night before bed. That had definitely been one idea she should not have followed through on. Uncle Lamb had told her she looked just fine with the short hair, that it suited her thin frame and above average height. Raking another eye over herself she couldn't say he was wrong yet she didn't like the look. She missed the thickness, the weight of it, being able to pull it over her shoulder, letting it fall over her face to hide her wide grey eyes and long eyelashes. A last drawn out sigh left her and she turned away from the mirror pulling her black school robes over her blue and bronze uniform, snapping hair ties of the same colour around her wrist; one way or another she would find a way of speeding up the regrowing process. She was a Claw after all, and she is supposed to be intelligent.

Background: "Cool water dripped from the girl's face, hair, her dress drenched , the floor around her too. The air filling her lungs cold, welcoming, taking as many breaths as she can, while she can, ignoring the monotone voice somewhere above her. '... as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a...' The rough hands gripping her small shoulders squuezed, pushing her toward the tub once more. Her eyes close aginst what she knew was coming and the loud crashing behind did not register until the pressure on her thin frame disappeared a moment later. The floor was eager to meet her and she pressed her cheek against it gratefully as the room around her erupted into more crashing and banging, the yelling of hurt and scared people, the tones of anger and hatred and something else she recognized but did not know to name. And one voice, one low rumbling tone, the girl immediately knew, though she had never heard its like before. The darkness crept in at the edges of her vision, try as she might to keep it at bay for want of seeing the face the voice belonged to. A last bang heralded the silence that followed, broken by a long purposeful stride across the room, toward her. She tried to lift her head to see but found it heavy and uncooperative, her lips moved silently trying to talk as the footsteps stopped beside her. She felt herself being lifted and held by large arms as the low rumble said softly in her ear ''I've got you now, little bird...'

Tamrissa jerked awake in the spacious compartment of the carriage, her cheek pressed against the cool window. Sitting up she turned her head slightly to see if Uncle Lamb was watching her. He was.
'Why didn't you tell me, Tamma?'
She shrugged looking out into the darkness beyond the windows of the speeding train 'It's nothing. That's been the first one in months.' Her eyes didn't need to be on him to know his brows were pulling down and together in the frown he wore when he knew she was lying.
'It's nothing, Uncle Lamb, I can handle a stupid dream.' She turned to smile at him, not wanting him to worry, and held out her hand. 'How long now?'
His large hands enclosed hers and he looked as if he was going to ignore her question 'An hour and then we'll be home. I hope to finish some work tonight, but you make sure to get some sleep, you remember what we talked about?'
Pulling a face she nodded 'I will make an effort to make friends and get to know people, I will do more to involve myself in extra curricular activities, I will start sleeping in my dorm instead of going home every night but you know what? It doesn't make sense to me to board at school when my home is a stones throw away.'
'The headmaster was unmovable on that point, Tamma.'
She huffed but said nothing more, choosing instead to think of all the things she wanted to say about that old coot.

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