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Full Character Name: Remus Nocte (Goes by Remus or Remus Catalus)

Age and year: 17 and 6th

Appearance and personality: Remus is tall, unnaturally so, keeping his hair long had been a choice he had willingly made. There was little influence around how he presented himself, he didn't seek to fit in, nor to stand out. More blend in, move through the shadows and be done with it all, away from everything. He is closed off to most everybody, despite the occasional attempt, he never really felt like he fit in to any of the groups he saw, so he stayed out of reach and focused on school work as it came at him. He started to excel at a few subjects and that was the trend, the more he delved into study, the further he moved from the 'normal students' right where he wanted to be, away from those who would see him as so very different.

Backstory: He was always different, even in a magical family he stood out. His family had always been protective of that in his younger years. He remembered the confrontations, they had moved so many times, away from so many other families, settling in a vast forest in the north of England, a modest home from the outside, just a small shack, though inside the house seemed to climb for days. His father, Cain, had been the one to separate them from others, knowing how things could become. As a pureblood, the Nocte Genes were always frowned upon, a Taint that marred the blood that coursed through any of the families veins. A carrier, or a plague, neither were welcome among the highbornes. His grandparents had seen to that when they had sought them out, seeking to cleanse him of his taint, that was just the beginning. His family had been reduced from aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces, only one survived the purge. His mother had taken him away, placed safe within another home, abandoned as it was it became all he had. His father had stayed to face the mob, angry Purebloods that wanted nothing more than the bloodlines to remain pure.

The night flashed away as he blinked a few times, his curse remained no matter how he looked at it, raw, uncontrollable and kept away from others. Even at hogwarts, the place where he felt the safest, he still could not use his name, there were many who lived within the walls whose families would sooner see him gone forever than risk a resurgence. The taint, the werewolf blood that coursed through his veins, the piercing green of his eyes, everything had to be hidden away. For the safety of his family line and himself. It would remain that way.

Genetic werewolf. The Nocte family a long time ago, possible a few generations ago, were the center of experimentation with Magical Creature genes. They tried to splice the genes of creatures such as Werewolves and Unicorns into that of normal wizarding folk. When volunteers ran short, Noah Nocte put himself forwards. The experimentation had been refined and refined until it was plausible to me mixed together. Noah was the first in a line of werewolves different from the others, less reckless, less savage. with some sort of control over transformations. The experiments were stopped shortly after this, the Nocte family exiled for the damage done to communities and families. The spliced genes can still be found in the Nocte family, though they are hard to find.
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