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Post by Milo Jones on Mon Mar 17, 2014 1:38 am

Milo Anthony Jones
5th year/ 15 years old

Appearance: Jones has black hair and brown eyes that are almost black. He tends to wear his uniform incorrectly, insisting on leaving his tie undone as well as the first two buttons. He is constantly warned to dress correctly. He constantly wears a thick black ring on his finger. Always with a sunny smile and a twinkle in his eye, he is quite charming. However, he is not very interested in the opposite sex.

Background: Jones comes from a tough children but he never let that get to him. His witch mother left him and his younger sister with their muggle father. The father could never get past his wife leaving him and found solace in the bottle. At a young age, Jones had to watch over his baby sister, take care of the house, and provide the little bit of income that he could cutting grass and doing magic tricks in the park. His younger sister did not appear to have any magical prowess, but from the time that his mother had left Jones had been showing signs. He hid it from his father though because the reminder of his witch wife may have driven him over the edge. In fact, he had made an agreement with the headmaster to not tell his father where he went to school. His father believed Jones was attending a free boarding school for slightly troubled teens. In Jones' case, he pleaded that he had multiple personalities. It was not hard to play like it at home because his father did not pay any attention to his two children. Jones had left the house slightly pained; his sister was all alone now. He constantly owled her and secretly hoped that she would one day be admitted into Hogwarts as well.

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Milo Jones
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