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Name: Théophile Valérian Narcisse de Longpre  
Age: 17 years old
Blood-status: Half-blood
House/School: Beauxbatons Academy of magic
Year: 6th
Wand: Dragon heartstring, Ash with enamelled decoration, 11 inches long.  

From:  Versaille (city), France
Height: 6’1”

Build: Sleek, nimble dancer's build

Hair: dirty blonde hair.
Eyes: Deep blue

Personality: Théophile is arrogant, haughty and ever so disdainful of everyone and everything that he considers beneath him, which is to say most people, places and things fall into that category. In his own bright blue eyes there are few that are his equal, this theory was and still his supported by his doting if somewhat cold mother and her exacting standards she set for her son. Théophile ever eager to please the imperious woman as exceeded them all. Like his mother the formidable Marcelline du Maurier, he is often cold and aloof to others. Preferring to keep his own company to those he deems to be lesser than himself. However to those who can make it past the armour of ice and snide remarks, he is just a boy longing to be loved and accepted. Life and indeed certain people in his life have somewhat warped his moral compass and Théophile can often be callous and cruel without even meaning to be.                

History: Born to Marcelline du Mairier a witch born into a Noble family of thoroughly pure bred line of French witches. Marcelline broke the unbroken pureblood line by falling in love and eloping with a muggle Pascal de Longpre. Théophile was the result of that union and the very bane of his grandparents eyes who saw him as nothing more than a filthy half-blood. Not long after his fifth birthday, Pascal died mysteriously and much to Marcelline's dismay later found out her father had a hand in her husbands death. Théophile's life came under threat if Marcelline did not marry the pure born wizard her Father selected for her. So Marcelline married Elliot du Bois, a prominent member of the French ministry of Magic and an exceedingly wealthy man. So Théophile begrudgingly accepted the fact he had a new step-father, but refused to adopt the man's name, instead choosing to to keep his father's surname and soon a half-Sister was born, Victoire du Bois was born when Théophile was six. What started out as a cold and often hostile relationship with Elliot, gradually began to warm over the years and now the two are close. Perhaps too close. At the age of ten Théophile received his invitation to attend Beauxbatons Academy of magic, like his mother and step-father. in his 6th year Théophile was among the Beauxbatons sent to Hogwarts as part of the Triwizard tournament.
Théophile de Longpre
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