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Post by Victoire Du Bois on Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:30 pm

Name: Victoire Emelline Du Bois  
Age: 11 years old
Blood-status: Pure-blood
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 1st
Wand: Unicorn hair, Silverwood, 9 inches long.  

From:  Versaille (city), France
Height: 4'7"

Build: Child, average height and weight.

Hair: Dark Brown.
Eyes: Dark Brown

Personality: Victoire is the happiest when getting her way, but respectful of her elders and deeply loves her family. She is incredibly shy with strangers and naive of the world as her family keeps her very sheltered.                  

History: Born to Marcelline du Mairier and Elliot du Bois, two wealthy, high-class pure lines. Victoire is her daddies girl and deeply loved by her mother. Her hero, of course, is her brother Theo. Growing up in the pre-schools Victoire was heavily bullied despite her pureblood status because her magic had yet to manifest at all. Her grandparents feared the child was a squib, and demanded she be pulled from the public eye lest they strike her from the family tree. The half-blood was insult enough. She lives a solitary life with only her closest family members as company and her imagination. Her grandparents know the only use of the magic-less girl is to find her a proper husband through her blood. The sooner, the better. Rumours already abound in France about her near squib status; their only option left is to use strings and money and a mediocre show of magic on her eleventh birthday to have her transferred to Hogwarts. Sending their son up with his classmates to get a feel for the school and keep an eye on her.
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