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Post by Guest on Sat Aug 15, 2015 5:34 pm

Name: Drusilla Flint
Age: 23 (19th October, 1971)
House: Slytherin
Year: Graduated
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Wand Type: Ash
Wand Length: 9 and a half inches

Drusilla Flint Gallery_2_77_76469
[face claim: Olivia Wilde]
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 9'6''
Build: Wiry and lithe

Hair:  Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue

Personality: Drusilla is an extremely two-faced woman and all throughout her time at Hogwarts, both as a student and then a professor, she manipulated people for her own needs. She pretended to be friends with Ravenclaws, ignored the Hufflepuffs and attempted to not stir up trouble with the Gryffindors. As an adult she appeared to have a sweet nature, but inside she was toxic. Appearances lie, for she looks fair but feels foul, though some might find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes her feel off. Some even think it has to be something else, because how can this sweet Ancient Runes teacher be anything but the person she portrays?

History: Drusilla is the cousin, twice removed, of Marcus Flint. Born to Esmarelda Gregan and Maynard Flint in St Mungo's. She graduated Hogwarts with honours and went on to study Ancient Runes under the tutelage of another Death Eater - Rowan Hargreaves. She comes from a pureblood family and though she does not actively support anti-muggle demonstrations (as the likes of Lucius Malfoy might) she works in secret and conceals her true beliefs and heinous actions. She was sent to Hogwarts to keep tabs on Dryden to keep him on the path set out for him by her. Drusilla is also Dryden's cousin and because she would do anything to please her parents she does Bianca Gregan's bidding. At Hogwarts she seeks to sabotage and works as all Death Eaters do now, towards the ends of the Dark Lord himself. Her own life is forfeit for this cause. Life for Drusilla is simple - teach, keep her cover and seek out opportunities and cause trouble for anyone who stands against them and anyone who is not pure blooded.

Professor Flint joined Hogwarts during the summer of the World Cup. She replaced the previous professor who retired. Thus, she is new to the teaching staff and getting to know the students and staff alike. First impressions of her should be fair, since she is a strict teacher but amiable person.


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