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Post by Caridee Croft on Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:34 pm

Full Character Name: Caridee Tyler Croft

Age 20

Appearance: Tall, slim, long dark brown hair and big green eyes, has thick eyebrows

Personality: Her mother always says she is missing the filter between her brain and her tongue, she's a bit outspoken but it really has helped her get to where she is today. She is dedicated, hard working, but still has a kind heart. She isnt blind to the ways of the elitist pureblood culture though she has yet to be involved with anyone. Her parents are a little less strict so she is able to start her career before marriage and kids, which she is absolutely fine with. She can be a bit of a dreamer but she is the type to make those dreams a reality.

Background: Caridee was born to Gregory Croft, an American wizard, and Marguerite Beauregard, a French witch. Her parents marriage, like so many others with pure blood, had been arranged but they were happy together, had fallen in love soon after marrying and setting up a home in the mother's homeland of France. Caridee grew up with classes and training like all the other girls but was also given room to be happy, dream big, run and play as a child would. She went to school at Beauxbatons as her mother had before her and graduated with top honors. She was easily accepted into the ministry's junior program but quickly worked up the ranks and is now helping organize the Tri-Wizard Tournament via The Department of Magical Cooperation. Really and truly, this is her dream job and she couldnt be more excited to be a part of something so spectacular.

Former attendant of Beauxbatons
Works at The Ministry- is helping with the Triwizard Tournament
Pureblood- American & French

Recent Plot Developments:
Planning the Triwizard tournament
Visited Dubai

Classes: non

Her parents in France. Only child. No other relationships

Plot Potential:
The Ministry
The Tournament
Not big on plotting but will do posts, let me know and we'll write something
Caridee Croft
Caridee Croft

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