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Post by Guest on Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:05 am

Name: Cypress Black
Age: 16 - 6th Year
House: Slytherin, of course
Blood Status: Pureblood

Appearance: Slightly tall, 5'7, leaner build. Really long, dark brown hair, usually tied back, pale complexion, dark brown eyes. Was goth in her entire 5th year, black clothing, eyeliner, and all, but has since reformed and now dresses only in her school uniform.
Personality: She is haughty and dismissive and impatient with incompetent idiots. She focuses very much on school and avoids extracurricular activities. Because Cypress was raised in a strick Pureblood Black family, and is pressured to maintain her family's reputation, she puts on a great show of despising Muggleborns, blood traitors, and the like, but inside she in conflicted about the true importance of blood status and whether to follow in her family's footsteps. She wants a secure job at the Ministry to establish her own self and choose her own path. She is afraid of the Dark Lord returning,  as she'll have to decide her true loyalties. Struggles with opening up to people and showing her feelings.
Backround: Cypress is the only daughter of Arcturus Black IIII, younger brother to Orion Black, and Carina Black (formerly Fowley).She is Orion and Walburga Black's niece (or was) and thus younger cousin to Sirius and the late Regulus (and any other siblings of theirs). She had a lavish but strict upbringing. Cypress's parents were both Death Eaters and loyal to Voldemort, though after his fall, only her mother was caught. She was imprisoned to Azkaban for life when Cypress was a toddler. Her father wishes he could be there with her but promised his wife he would raise and look after Cypress.


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