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Post by Thorn Lestrange on Sat Aug 22, 2015 9:21 am

Name: Sephora Emeline Lestrange, aka Thorn.
House: Hufflepuff-Fifth Year
Blood Status: Pureblood.

Appearance: Thorn looks much like her mother, that being something she is eternally grateful for. She is 5’7’ and extremely lean from years of being freely able to play Quidditch and other sports at the all girls school in Greece. She has cornflower blue eyes and ashy blonde hair, that is wavier than she would like. She naturally dresses with a bit of style no matter if she is completely bumming or having to dress up, because her mother had it ingrained in her to look her best no matter what. She recently got a septum piercing that she used to keep in all the time until she came home, so she only wears it when she knows she won’t see her brother. (FC: Cailin Russo)

Personality: She tends to be very witty and sassy when it comes to interacting with people, the levels varying simply on who the person is. She struggles with expressing how she feels and shies away from hugs, unless they are from her brother or people she would trust with her life. Thorn has a love for the chaos that nature creates and has a tendency to be the yin to her brother’s yang when it comes personalities.

Backstory: She is the youngest child of Rabastan and Shaula Lestrange, sister to Vincent. She got her nickname Thorn for an abundance of reasons but simply because as a young child she would play in the rosebushes and end up covered in thorns. At eleven, her mother decided it would be to send her away to an all girls boarding school that prided in turning their crop of girls into well rounded women and then… the world cup happened and mother got paranoid.
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