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Post by Nonus Anaxas Travers on Mon Aug 24, 2015 2:39 am

Full Name: Nonus Anaxas Travers
Age: 15
House: Slytherin
Year: 5th 

Wand: Yew, Thestral Hair, Brittle, 8’

From: Pendle Hill, Lancashire, England

Relationships: Twin brother Octavian Augustus Travers, Half-brother Dryden Lore 

Height: 6'2
Weight: 120
Build: thin, toned

Hair: shoulder length, black
Eyes: Dark brown

Character Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Likes: His brother, Dark Arts, Blood, and pumpkin pasties. Praise, and anything material and shiny.

Dislikes: Anything at any moment, dislikes are rather whimsical. 

History: Born to Bianca Geret and Antony Travers, Nonus and his older brother Octavian were spared their brothers fate by two account. One: She had achieved what she wanted with Dryden, a brother they once knew as Septimus. And, Two: She actually held a modicum of affection and ended up marrying their father. Even if Bianca had never been interested in following Voldemort, their father had been a great supporter of him, and pureblood superiority. 

Nonus is eager to please people he feels are superior to him. (Either in blood, or talent.) He finds these people are few and far between. He only relaxes around his older brother, even if sometimes people confusing him  for Tav is annoying. Or, having to ensure his brother doesn’t stray from their cause proves… trying. He loves his twin.  He looks forward to meeting his oldest brother,  having only known the boy a scant five years.
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