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Full Character Name: Pandora Scarlett Black

Age 17

Year: 7th

House: Ravenclaw

Appearance: Petite, long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes. FC: Chloe Harwood

Personality: Depends on her mood. Most of the time she is sarcastic and will cause trouble especially if she sees she is getting under someone's skin. She is intelligent, curious, and not all that naive to the ways of the world though she will act like it if it means getting some attention. She is narcissistic and vain and at times almost bratty due to being spoiled with money and possessions instead of with love.

Background: Pandora was born into the infamous Black family line. Her mother has never told her whom her father is though she believes him to be a Nott. She was born with the rare ability that only seems to turn up within their family and her mother believes that it is due to all the interbreeding that occurred within the family, though that is up for interpretation. Being a metamorphmagus has its pros and cons though she seems to enjoy the use of exemplifying her beauty. She knows that soon enough, her mother will call upon the oldest male in the line to arrange a marriage for her though right now her focus is on school and enjoying life, which she does via the means of her family's money.

During winter break, her mother and she had gone on the run. Her mum had done something and the aurors were looking for her. It didnt take long and they had been caught a few days after their escape. Pandora held onto her mother and she was peeled away by a few aurors. Upset and angry, she turned around and hit one of them. There was screaming, pleaing, cursing, she doesnt remember much until she woke up in a padded room in St. Mungo's Hospital. Days, weeks, passed and finally, she convinced them that she wasnt mad at all but had just been a broken hearted teenager who had her mother arrested and taken away in front of her. On Valentine's Day, her release forms were completed and she was escorted to the gates of the school. She was then given back her wand and told her trunk with her books and clothes would arrive sometime the next day.



(Mother's side):

Phineus Nigelus Black and his wife, Ursula Flint had 5 children.

Arcturus Black was one of them. He married Lysandra Yaxley. They had 3 children together.

Charis Black was one of them. She married a Caspar Crouch. They had 2 daughters and a son. UNNAMED.

The mother (Esther) is one of the daughters. Gave her daughter (Pan) the Black family name to continue it instead of the Crouch since she never married and had Pandora out of wedlock.

(Father's side):

Mr. Nott. Also father to Helena Nott and her two brothers which are her half-siblings. Pan is an illegitimate (but pure) lovechild hidden away until the boys accidentally found her birth certificate and Helena approached her at the World Cup in fear that she'd use this information to ruin the family's good name.

7th year
Good at Charms and Transfiguration
Bullocks at Potions
Scared of heights
Ballet dancer

Recent Plot Developments:
Has found out about her birth father being a Nott and that Helena Nott is her halfsister.
Is trying to be a good pureblood girl, spews the spittle she was always taught, but wishes there was another way
Is talking about opening up a shop in Diagon Alley with Devon.
7th year- missed the beginning due to being on the run. Figured the school would be safer than out in the world on her own (there will be a post explaining this soon)

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Ancient Runes
Pandora Black
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