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Post by Emily Kaname on Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:22 pm

Name: Emily Kaname

Year and Age: 15 and 5th year

Appearance: Emily has blonde hair with bangs. It is long and can be anywhere from straight to super wavy, and is always loose, in ponytails, or braids. Her brown eyes shine out and remind a lot of people of a light teddy bear. She stands short, at only 4'11", and is very insecure about this. She is an average weight for a 15 year old, but she wants to be skinner. Her nails are always short and to the skin due to her nail-biting habit. Her complexion is mixed, and her skin shade is very pale. Scratches and bruises are scattered over her body from being bullied and being clumsy.

Personality: Emily is not a very strong person at all. From her childhood, she was always the one picked on. She smiles a lot, as she found out it helps keep tears and bullies away, but inside she is dying. She is very clumsy and tends to be falling more often than not. She is extremely self aware and self conscience, and hardly has any confidence. She wishes she could be stronger, but has no idea how. She is a follower, and is quiet until you get to know her. She trusts very very few people to a level where she can tell them everything due to years of being bullied and betrayed. She isn't afraid of many things, but can be surprised easily.

Backstory: Born in a small village with her father being the wizard, Emily grew up with a sad and quiet childhood. Her only friends were animals for her elementary years. Her father, who worked in a small shop in Diagon Alley, was hardly ever at home, and Emily grew up with almost no magic in her life. She knew she was a witch for as long as she could remember, but knew only the basic spells and a couple wizarding kids tales before she went to Hogwarts.

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