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Cassandra Crouch, aka CC
Age and year: Perpetually a 7th year on the verge of 17
Appearance: Barely over 5 feet tall, she has brown eyes and shoulder-length brown wavy hair. She wears glasses and always has her cloak with several pockets sewed in it, even during the summer. Twirling her wand among her fingers and hands is a nervous habit of hers.
Personality: She has a bad habit of randomly snapping even at her friends, but she is usually friendly enough. She has trust issues and sometimes doesn't like to be touched due to her rough childhood. Arrogant and vain, many times she doesn't know how to hold her tongue causing her to get in trouble or look stupid.
Backstory: Fully believing that she was an orphan her whole life and that her name was Clarissa Cooper, she grew up in a Muggle orphanage and was shunned by both the children and her caretakers. She was ecstatic when Dumbledore visited her at the orphanage and told her about Hogwarts. She refused to go back to the orphanage during breaks so she was boarded in the Hog's Head inn in Hogsmeade during the summer. Shy and unsure of herself, she didn't start talking with her fellow students until her sixth year. She developed a bad drinking habit especially firewhiskey after a few outings with her friends. She has mostly reformed but still occasionally drinks a full bottle of firewhiskey at night when she gets upset. Her life dramatically changed when she received a letter saying that her father was dying in Azkaban. She confronted Dumbledore and sent a return letter, but didn't get answers until a letter from her father containing mostly lies arrived for her. A few days later she received the truth from Dumbledore who had been searching on her behalf. Her father Charles Crouch was the illegitimate child of Caspar Crouch and a Muggle. Out of hatred of all Muggles especially his mother, Charles captured a Muggle torturing her and eventually producing a child, Cassandra. This earned him a place in Azkaban and Cassandra was left in the orphanage after her Muggle mother died. Confused she keeps her opinions of blood status mostly to herself as she can't figure out for herself what she believes. She hides behind a mask of happiness but the pain, anger, and many other emotions lurk beneath the surface.
Cassandra Crouch
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