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Post by Noah Fletcher on Sat Mar 29, 2014 4:44 pm

Age - 26

Occupation - Acquisitions and Trade

Appearance and Personality - 'Not that one, that shade of blue dulls my eyes, makes them look lifeless. Bring the green' Noah slipped on the dress, glanced in the mirror and twirled liking how the flecks of gold in her brown eyes seemed brighter, highlighted by the emerald colour. Without looking at the house elf she motions to the trays of jewelry and is pleased the creature has learnt enough by now to anticipate her wants and needs. Picking up a pair of gold earrings she holds them up to her ears then quickly discards them reaching for another pair. She pushes her long black hair back over her shoulder and with a practiced hand quickly adorns the gold and emerald set with matching necklace.
'I'll wear my hair up' she says to the quiet elf not expecting an answer 'But I'm not sure yet of the style I want. Something classic, nothing too ornate. We'll sort that out tomorrow along with the shoes. Remember, no high heels, some wizards feel their manhood is being threatened when a witch stands taller than they do. I know, it's ridiculous, especially when I am naturally taller than the average wizard.'
Noah took one more look at herself in the mirror liking what she saw and sent the elf off, she had things to do and little enough time to do them.

Backstory - The warehouse had an unusual mix of scents that seemed to combine into something so foul it made her eyes water. Breathing as shallowly as she could through her mouth she stared at her father, Arlow Fletcher, wondering how he wasn't running from the place gagging. She had to admit she was a little disappointed; her father promised that after graduation from Hogwarts he would teach her the family business but after three months all he had done was introduce her to suspicious (in her opinion) characters of various social standing, and take her to visit auction houses, markets, back alleys and warehouses much like this one though this was by far the worst she had been to.
Maybe Uncle Mundungus, her father's brother, was right, miracle that would be. He still made a profit from his dealings, even if it did all go on booze and gambling, that wasn't to say she would be so careless with her galleons.
Looking at her father again she sighed; no way would he allow her to take direction from, as he put it "the family halfwit". He was not very fond of his brother but Noah and her own brothers loved their uncle dearly, he had taught them many useful skills like how to pick pockets and change your appearance. Utterly useless skills according to her father. He never knew, nor would he ever know, that Uncle Mundungus' teachings, some of them, had already paid off.
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