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Post by Maria Wilson on Sat Mar 29, 2014 5:14 pm

Full Character Name: Maria Wilson
Age and job: 21 years old and a coffee shop
Appearance and Personality: Maria glanced at herself in the mirror and the mirror shows a brown haired girl with hazel eyes. Her skin smooth and has the color of ivory and also not very tall.She's not tan at all, nor pale. She is quiet most the time and likes to be independent. She recently started to live by herself in this little town of muggles and works at a coffee shop as the manager. She doesn't have many friends, but enough to satisfy her needs. She loves writing, reading, and socializing with her friends and with the customers.
Background: Both of her parents do magic and have taught her how to fly a broom. Quidditch is her favorite sport of all time and likes to play it. She played it in school when she was still in Hogwarts. Both her parents still live together and both have a job.
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