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General Rules and Conditions Empty General Rules and Conditions

Post by Cassandra Crouch on Tue Mar 11, 2014 4:58 am

Keep everything pg-13 please. No sex, drugs, teenage pregnancies, etc. Watch for language. Use words like "quaffle, unicorn, ship" instead.

Usernames should be First Name [space] Last Name. No crazy numbers.

Canon is a must. No children of Voldemort, mermaids, gods/goddesses, other fandoms except in the out of character section, etc.

No godmodding. You cannot control another character's emotions, perceptions, etc.

Post everything in the correct space. You do not have classes in the Great Hall.

No drama. It makes people want to leave. We want to keep people here. If you have problems with someone, talk to them in private chat or go to an admin.
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