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Post by Elysia Jade Eliwood on Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:07 pm

Elysia Jade Eliwood

Gender: Female
Age: 15-ish (no one is sure)
Appearance: Dark brown hair with green eyes, that occasionally flit colors due to a chemical accident. Tall at 5'9''.

Personality: Although slightly timid, she carries a very serious personality that is sometimes punctuated by dry sarcasm. She holds back often, and is wary towards strangers. She does not trust easily, though she does attempt. She is depressed often. She is highly adept at knife wielding and archery, and one of the few things that make her enthusiastic is quidditch.

Background: Most of her history is unknown, and the few who know her are unwilling to speak about her past for unknown reasons. She has occasionally talked as though she had lost someone she had loved very much. It is known for sure that at one point chemicals were poured into her eyes, not blinding her, but causing them to be sensitive to strong light, and change colours at different angles.
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