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Name: Dawn Evans
Age: Fifteen (Fifth-year)


Dawn has dark auburn hair that is often put into a long braid for practicality, and very dark green eyes. One will almost always see a playful, crooked smile on her face, and her hands never seem to stop moving. She tends to wear simple Hogwarts robes, with few adornments. In terms of personality, Dawn is very extreme, capable of going from great enthusiasm to complete indifference in moments. She is desperately curious about most things, almost to the point of being nosy. She hates any kind of consistency or routine in life, and likes to change things however she can, making her seem flighty and capricious to some. She loves the outdoors, and is often found near the lake or otherwise wandering the grounds. She also has a definite cruel streak, mercilessly going after anyone or anything she deems her enemy, continuing long after they seem defeated. Overall, however, Dawn is playful and always willing to try new things. The one thing that makes her uncomfortable and jumpy is fire, generally if she isn't expecting it - it scares her quite a bit.


Dawn was born to Muggles Amelie and Dagbert Evans on the outskirts of London. Their family is not rich, but neither are they desperately poor, and they have always managed to make do. (More will be added as Dawn's story progresses)
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