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Post by Gellert Jr. Grindelwald on Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:29 pm

(Won't play him until the Durmstrang students arrive)

Name: Gellert Jr. Grindelwald (Nickname: Gelly)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
School: Durmstrang
Blood Status: Pureblood, blood traitor.

Physical description: (FC: Michael Tintiuc) Light brown eyes, waist-length hair, rather skinny. Pale complexion. His left hand is usually covered in ink, because he draws on himself constantly.

Personality: A performer at heart, Gellert is a self-declared jester and an avid reader, mostly of plays. He loves attention, but shares the limelight fairly equally. He's smart, but not brainy, and doesn't do very well on tests. Gellert is passionately fond of potatoes. Buried under (waayy under) all the goofing around, acting, and eccentricities, is a keen and penetrating mind, but Gellert remains serious for as brief a period of time as possible, as he claims it bores him to tears. Fairness matters to him, and he doesn't easily forget or forgive a wrong done to himself or a friend. He bides his time while deciding how to respond.

Background: He has a dog called Lion. His grandfather's brother is the famous Grindelwald but he doesn't care and he isn't powerful or inclined to dark arts. Gellert has no memories earlier than age 10. His parents told him there was a spell accident and that he had been obliviated, and they slowly and carefully constructed a life for Gellert that was sheltered and as free of negative emotions as possible. He grew up on a steady diet of classical literature, magical tales and music, theatre, and also a love for nature and animals.

Gellert Jr. Grindelwald
Gellert Jr. Grindelwald

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