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Full Character Name: Daniel Veren
Age and Year: 19 years old (Adult Character)
Appearance: Daniel has warm chestnut eyes and dark brown hair that barely reaches his jaw. His features are marred by a large scar on his left cheek - an effect of an accident with magic experimentation.
Personality and Background: While the Veren family has a history of wizards and witches in it, they are by no means a pureblood family - a fact others never let them forget. Daniel's parents and siblings tried to protect him from the outside world's prejudice, but when he went to Hogwarts, it didn't work. He worked hard and studied to the best of his ability, but the prejudice he's experienced turned him bitter.
For his age, Daniel is quite a bitter and cynical young man. Painfully aware that his abilities and power would never be enough to achieve what he wanted to, he looks at the world through jade-coloured glasses. He's suspicious of people, but can put on a polite facade and pretend.
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