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Post by Dryden Lore on Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:42 pm

Name: Dryden Lore
Age: 16 (birthday May 16)
House: Griffindor
Year: 6th
Wand: Willow with Dragon heartstring, rigid  

From: All over Europe

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 140 lbs
Build: Lean, wiry

Hair: black, past his jawline
Eyes: black

Personality: Dryden tends to keep to himself, which makes him mysterious or awkward, depending on who is asked. He seems to prefer books to people, and is usually seen sitting in some alcove or other with his nose buried inside one, oblivious to the outside world. When he does speak, his voice is soft and gentle, but his eyes are piercing and cunning, making most conversations with him unsettling. He seems to have either no aptitude or no interest in nuances of conversation, taking people quite literally, even to the point of absurdity. Though he is often ridiculed, he appears to take no notice, merely looking up then going back to whatever he was reading. He and his father do not have much in the way of personal riches, so Dryden's clothing is clearly secondhand and often in need of mending. If he feels shame about his economic status, he does not show it. In class, he does not volunteer, but when called on, his responses show he has been paying attention and usually has the correct answer.

History: The child of assistant groundskeeper Fenris Arainai. They traveled throughout Europe for most of his life, until a year ago when they settled at Hogwarts and Dryden enrolled. Dryden has no memories of his life before the age of seven. His father told him he was caught in a magical accident that killed his mother and refuses to give him any further details.
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