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Post by Quinn Lee Faye on Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:49 pm

Quinn Lee Faye

Age: 16
House: Slytherin

Appearance: Quinn is tall, standing at 186cm. He has dark black hair, reaching to his shoulders and sticking up all over the place. His eyes are a light grey, like that of an approaching storm over the ocean. He has the build of a runner and, although not being particularly strong, he loves to run and is very good at it

Personality: Although he was placed in the Slytherin house, he has always felt out of place. He is easy going and gentle, making friends quickly. Quinn tries hard to avoid fights of any type, always sticking to the shadows. Many mistake him as a Hufflepuff at first glance, because of his outgoing and friendly personality. He is the type of guy that loves to cook, though his brothers tease him about being his Mamma's baby girl.

Background: Quinn has seven siblings, one sister, the oldest, and six brothers. His Pappa is a high ranking official in the Ministry of Magic, so Quinn has always had everything he needs. He was born in Ireland, moving to the outskirts of London at a young age. His family lives in a large three story house, with a giant expanse of rolling green hills to play in. Quinn has always loved helping his Mamma cook in the kitchen, and spends most of his time alone, with his Mamma, or with his older sister, Lucy. Despite being called a girly boy, he still enjoys most 'boyish' activities, such as wrestling, Quiddich, and playing muggle video games. His sister taught him to always be a gentleman towards ladies, and even gave him lessons on how to charm his childhood crush, who ended up turning him down. He's very smart but sometimes has trouble reading about people or animals dying, as he is sensitive, which has gotten him teased. He loves it at Hogwarts, and spends a lot of his time just wandering through the halls, taking it all in with wide curious eyes.
Quinn Lee Faye
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