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Post by Cain Mulciber on Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:11 am

Cain Mulciber - 6th Year Slytherin

Appearance - He is about 180cm tall with a lean well-built body. He has dark brown hair and very light brown eyes, almost amber. He likes to dress properly at all times because that was how he was raised. Some might say that he looks stuck up and too proper, but he likes it that way. He has a habit of fiddling with his tie, a habit he is trying to break.

Personality - He has a charming if somewhat sadistic personality and is fond of sarcasm. He is a little of a flirt and won't hesitate to make a move on someone he finds attractive. He is very adamant to keep things the way they were and does not like change, so he does not like to associate himself with muggleborns. Although he must since Hogwarts is a school for all, he tries to hide his dislike most of the time with teasing and rudeness, he is a good-natured fellow. All the same, he seems to be the type of person who likes to keep important information to himself, just to see what happens. He could be considered a sociopath, borderline psychotic because of his upbringing. He can become obsessive possessive and would do anything to keep whatever he is obsessed with.

Backstory - His father is a Death Eater and constantly forces him to things that would make the Dark Lord approve of his actions. His father teaches him everything within the Dark Arts and does not hesitate to resort to some more unorthodox teaching methods. He has an estranged older brother but does not really associate with him because he 'softer' and takes after their mother. His father taught him that a woman's place was at home and should not question the man of the house, because of this he thinks he is superior to women and treats them poorly.
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