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Post by Orion Black on Fri May 15, 2015 3:29 pm

Name: Orion Black
Gender: Male
House: Ravenclaw - 7th year
Blood Satus: Pureblood.

Appearance:  Orion is 6'2", lean swimmers build. chin length thick black hair, grey eyes. He is always well put together, immaculately dressed, (though often scour spell spots hidden among his clothes cause he is careless and spills food on himself.) When outside of school, after his mothers death his most common clothing article was something pulled from his sisters, or friends closets. Can't be arsed to find his own style, your's fits him just fine, thanks.  

Personality: Loud-mouth little dick, but also eager to please and tends to hide behind friends, siblings, when a bigger fish comes along. Has a rough time being serious, and a rougher time knowing when he has pushed someone too far. Nosy, arrogant. Friendly to a point, if one can see it past the teasing.  

Backstory: Orion is the youngest child of Walburga and Orion Black. She died when he was 14, his father died while he was still a baby. He has a twin sister Izabelle. Brothers are jailed and dead, but Orion considers Sirius dead to him anyways. Talks big about joining the Death Eaters, actually kinda likes muggles and their not magic.
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